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    Adding Clothing Items to Your Account
    February 4th, 2013

    Your Lavandera account can be like your virtual closet. You have a full list of your clothing items, complete with description, and soon, even pictures!

    1. Sign in using your Lavandera Account.
    2. Click on the Clothes link.
    3. Key in the description of your clothes.

    TIP: You can decide early on the scheme of your clothing descriptions. You can go for simple descriptions (green polo shirt) or a little extensive (white jersey with skull print on the back).

    Important: You’ll find this very useful (as Lavandera was designed). The Lavandera system has offers intuitive features. That is, the previous clothing descriptions you had entered will appear on the description box as you type. Better yet, you can just click on a clothing item from your pre-saved list (Collection) for easier entry of laundry items.