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    How do I become part of Lavandera?
    February 4th, 2013


    Laundry shop owners:

    Sign up for a methodical Laundry Shop operations!  
    a. Claim your laundry shop on the map. 

    If your shop is registered with the Department of Trade and Industry, or the Securities and Exchange Commission, chances are, your shop is already on the Lavandera map. The next step is to “claim” it so you can then add details like address, contact numbers, and services you offer among others.

    In case you opened a new shop and want to mark it, just login and “claim” your shop as you did the first time.
    b. Track & Record each laundry transaction entered into your shop / s. Paperless, that is.

    Ditch the old-fashioned pen-and-paper way of manual documentation. Lavandera is your systematic way to monitor and record of all customer transactions handled by your staff. View your customers’ list for the day, including the progress of each transaction, its corresponding bill, even the laundry items each patron had entrusted to your shop. All in one clean summary! Need the detailed records? No fret; accessing it is a walk in the park.


    Sign up and enjoy the features!

    a.  Choose your laundry shop.
    Could there be a laundry shop just a stone’s throw away from your house? Lavandera’s map intuitively suggests locations close to where you are. So go ahead; spot your trusted service provider or scout for another shop you want to try the service of right at comfort of your home.

    b. Key in your laundry items in your virtual closet.

    Yes, Lavandera is like your virtual closet. You can add your clothing items, together with description, and soon, even a picture of it! And the Lavandera system is intuitive enough to remember each clothing item you had entered previously so you won’t have to re-type it. It can even auto-suggest based on the category or description